Bletchley Park. The Code Breakers

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Experience The Enigma. Bletchley Park Station X. Secret Code breaker station of WWII.
Upon arrival you will be greeted by the Bletchley Park customer service team and your guide for the day. After tea and coffee, the guide will give a short introductory talk, followed by the first half of the tour. This takes place around the outside of the wartime buildings in the grounds of Bletchley Park, where visitors are given a detailed history of the site and its code breaking activities. You will discover what went on at each of the key locations, including the famous code breaking huts, and there will also be a chance to see the Polish Memorial in the stable yard. This part of the tour lasts approximately 1¼ hours. This will be followed by break for lunch. '
A 30 minute talk which tugs at the heart strings and captures the imagination of every generation. A World War Two Evacuee's Story' by Joan Draper. A moving, humorous and honest personal account of a World war Two evacuee and life in wartime Britain as seen through the eyes of a child.

The second half of the tour resumes after lunch and will include a visit to Block B museum which tells the complete Bletchley Park story. It houses the Abwehr Enigma machine, Lorenz machine, Bombe Rebuild, Alan Turing statue, World War Two Aviation display, Home Front Exhibition, Toy Collection, Milton Keynes Amateur Radio Society, Ox & Bucks Light Infantry at Pegasus Bridge display, and a German Signals Group. The tour will also include a visit to the Colossus Rebuild, the first semi-programmable electronic computer. The afternoon part of the tour usually lasts 1½ - 2 hours.
The tour is rounded off with an opportunity to visit the gift shop situated in Block B which stocks a fascinating range of books and souvenirs. Visitors will then have afternoon tea and coffee, and there will also be a little time to go back and look at any exhibit in more detail before departure.There is so much to see from wartime toys to working computers. There's a wartime mini cinema and an outstanding Churchill collection. You will also have the opportunity to browse in the shop for that all important memento of your visit before being escorted by your guide back to the Mansion for refreshments before departure. Includes walking tour of 45minutes

Includes the services of Bletchley Park Guides and Story Tellers.
Lunch Tea or coffee and biscuits on arrival and departure.



Not included
Coach Transport 

We can provide a coach and as aguide price £10 per person for 35 persons minimum and up to 50 miles from venue.  (Ask for quotation for more than 50 miles from venue)

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