Legal Regal

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Legal Regal.
Lunch at the Elizabethan Hall of Middle Temple.
Guided tour of Lincolns Inn and the Royal Courts of Justice.
Arriving in the City of London we start with a complimentary coffee at the KnightsTempler Tavern in Chancery Lane before we step back in time taking to the quiet alleys and open spaces of the Inns of Court, a haven within central London.  You start with your guided walk through the beautiful grounds of Lincolns Inn. Here, lawyers, dressed in gowns and wigs, pass against the backdrop of medieval buildings and well-manicured lawns. Its buildings date from the late-15th century.  Lincoln's Inn's lawns were used for executions during the Reformation.
You continue through the legal areas to Middle Temple which is used to film television such as “Silks.” You now follow in the tradition of Elizabeth I as you take a grand three course silver service lunch in the splendid Tudor Hall of Middle Temple. According to ancient custom anyone training to be a barrister in Britain must join one of the Inns of Court and dine there 24 times, as well as passing their examinations, before being officially qualified. Middle Temple Hall is perhaps the finest example of an Elizabethan Hall in the country. It is spanned by a magnificent double hammer beam roof. Begun in 1562 when Edmund Plowden, the famous law reporter, was Treasurer of the Inn, it has remained virtually unaltered to the present day. Many famous painting of Elizabethan and Stuart Monarchs adorn the walls.
Sometimes groups are allowed to use the High Table for lunch. The table consists of three 29 feet planks of a single oak, reputedly a gift from Elizabeth I to the Middle Temple, cut down in Windsor Forest and floated down the Thames to be installed in the Hall before the building was completed. The Benchers of the Inn still dine at it as they did that evening in August 1586 when Francis Drake, just back from a successful expedition against the Spanish Indies and bringing back from Virginia Raleigh’s Roanoke colonists, was rapturously congratulated by Benchers and members. The hatch cover of his ship the Golden Hind was later used to make the present ‘cupboard’, a table which stands below the Bench table.
After lunch we take a short stroll in the grounds of Middle Temple and Inner Temple which are built around a maze of courtyards and passageways before a guided tour of The Royal Courts of Justice with its stunning Gothic architecture which gives the courts its grand and imposing stature. This great Victorian building is frequently seen on the television news as famous appeal cases are held here. 

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