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 This is a Coach Potato Special 

The Cinema Museum The Cinemas Best Kept Secret 

The Cinema Museum in Lambeth is one of London’s most eccentric museums.  Housed in the Victorian magnificence of the old Lambeth Work House where Charlie Chaplin’s mother and children where once admitted. The museum is one of London’s best-kept secrets. 

Can you remember continuous film shows, Saturday morning pictures, Charlie Chaplin films? 

The content of The Cinema Museum represents cinema's rich history from the earliest days to the present.  You will be in small groups for the museum guided tour which is conducted by its curators. The tour explores the museums vast collection of film memorabilia, including posters, art deco cinema chairs, and ushers uniforms from the 1940s and ‘50s, tickets, ashtrays and popcorn cartons, as well as an archive boasting hundreds of books, photos and 17 million feet of film. 

Cinemas in the ’30s were fancy places. You were served by uniformed staff and a commissionaire to greet you, a hat-check person and usherettes. The uniforms were part of a cinema’s identity. The ’60s saw a decline in formal cinema-going, although The Empire in Leicester Square had a commissionaire up until the ’90s. The majority of the uniforms in the museum’s collection are from the 1940s. 


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Coach Transport 

We can provide a coach and as aguide price £10 per person for 35 persons minimum and up to 50 miles from venue.  (Ask for quotation for more than 50 miles from venue)


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